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1st time passer


Since coming to your driving school Tal has been an absolute saviour for me. I was originally with Bill Plant in December last year and for 10 lessons I drove up and down the same road and didn´t even do the steering and that made me thought that I was incapable of driving so my confidence was rock bottom and I was really nervous stepping into a car.

Eventually I found Tal and as soon as I stepped into the driving seat he was calm and knew what he was doing because he was an experienced instructor. Tal went above and beyond for me, I was able to book lessons at short notice, he lived quite far away from me and I had 2 jobs so it was difficult for me to book lessons in advance as I didn´t know my shift pattern, Tal was available for a lesson really often at short notice and this definitely helped me pass quicker.

I have herd friends and family talk positive of their instructors but nobody went out the way as much as Tal did for me, Tal really wants his students to pass, he had the ability to show me the parking mavouvers and perfect them in just a couple of lessons whilst other people struggle on them for months!

When I was abouts to give up Tal always had faith in me and he motivated me and I think that is a very important aspect of a good quality driving instructor which is very rare.

I don´t have any more words to describe how grateful I am for having Tal as my driving instructor, I´m going to recommend him to all of my friends and family, thanks Tal!!


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