About L-Team Driving School

THE L TEAM DRIVING SCHOOL is based in the Manchester area and is run by a fully qualified ADI (Approved Driving Instructor). We have extensive knowledge of the Manchester area.

Taking Driving School in Manchester with The L Team will enable you to learn in a relaxed and comfortable environment, whilst teaching you to drive in a safe and controlled manner. Your Driving School in Manchester are tailor made to suit your requirements and your previous driving experience.

We are a Manchester Driving School, meaning that all of our Driving School in Manchester come with the guarantee that your driving instructor knows the Manchester area to an advanced level, and likewise knows the Manchester test routes in order to provide you with Driving School that will be informative, structured and effective towards the goal of preparing you as a driver of test standard.

Everyone’s journey to test is different, but THE L TEAM DRIVING SCHOOLS MISSION is to get you there ASAP/SAFE for YOU. This is done by having an INDIVIDUAL SYLLABUS written for YOU once we have assessed how quickly you pick things up. Our aim is for you to pass as soon as you can and for us to get recommendation work!

Your Driving School in Manchester will be the perfect foundation towards you becoming an able and qualified driver, meaning that you will no longer need Driving School in Manchester, as you’ll be free to drive solo.

PASS PLUS Available

Once you’ve PASSED your TEST you may want to consider taking a PASS PLUS course. This is highly recommended by us and the Driving Standards Agency as it helps to prepare you to drive in conditions you’re not yet used to. E.G. Motorways, City Centre driving and single track rural roads amongst many other subjects. This course is very reasonably priced and heavily discounted for people who have taken lessons with THE L TEAM DRIVING SCHOOL.

This will help YOU stay safe AFTER the driving test. Click here for the PASS PLUS page.