Intensive Course Prices

At L Team Manchester we offer high quality intensive driving lessons in Manchester, from as little as just £205 for 6 hours and a practical test at the end of course we can tailor make an intensive driving course to suit your individual requirements and help you to pass your driving test in Manchester over a minimal period as just 5 days!

The L Team will tailor make the intensive driving course in Manchester to make sure that you are progressing on a step by step basis, whilst fitting the intensive driving course around your busy schedule, and can be flexible with the hours that suit you best.

Reasons for learning to drive in Manchester
Intensive driviing course prices

Pass Faster

If you don’t want to spend 12-18 months learning to drive once a week, you don’t have to, with an intensive driving course with The L team Driving School in Manchester we can get you passed in just a matter of days or weeks rather than months or years.

At The L Team driving school Manchester we are determined to help get you to focus through the intensive driving course and pass your driving test with confidence.

With our tried and tested variations of modern and classic techniques, we are very confident that we have everything in place to aid you in your intensive driving course in Manchester and become a fully qualified driver.

Learn with confidence

At L Team driving in Manchester we strive to teach you safe driving for life we teach the skills you need to become a highly competent driver not just the skills to pass your driving test. We understand that the driving test has become more demanding and the pressure to drive has increased.

You now have to reach a very high standard to pass the new test, which is why our intensive courses Manchester are specially designed to help you, reach that high standard.

Students looking for a quick and positive solution to obtaining their license should look at intensive driving courses Manchester – Manchester is a great city to learn how to drive, with perfect streets and roads to experience all kinds of driver situations.

We provide tailor made driving crash courses from just £205 for quick courses, to comprehensive courses of 30 hours (£757 plus one practical test ) for complete beginners.