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Terms and Conditions

1. L TEAM will use government-licenced instructors to teach you to a high standard as per DVSA standard in a modern vehicle. Your instructor will not smoke in the vehicle, and will be polite and friendly.

2.(a) ALL SPECIAL OFFERS ARE FOR ONLY BRAND NEW STARTER (complete novice drivers) and there are non refundable course and if you don´t have

regular lessons maximum 2 hours every week then they are not valid . If you want to change your instructor once you have purchased this course then your special offers will not be valid. Every special offer you purchase you only can stay with the same instructor from the beginning to the end of the course.

2.(b) All L Team instructors are self employed agents. Any changes in dates or times you make with your instructor will be as agreed between you and the instructor for your course. L TEAM DRIVING SCHOOL will not be responsible for any hours lost or omitted due to these changes to your original booking. To prevent this please inform your instructor with a 24 hours minimum notice beforehand otherwise you will still be charged the full rate for the lesson.

3. Both parts of the provisional driving licence (card & paper counterpart) valid for the UK and Northern Ireland must be provided. If you hold an older provisional licence, photo ID is required. [E.g. Passport, Student Photo etc] on the first day.

4. Pupils must be able to read a vehicle number plate from 67ft (20.5m) If pupil needs glasses or contact lens for corrective vision, these must be worn whenever driving.

5. The pupil must not be under the influence of drink or drugs at any time. If a representative of L TEAM DRIVING INSTRUCTOR detects signs of the above, the remainder of the course will be cancelled and no refund will be made.

6. The pupil must satisfy themselves with regards to the residency requirements laid down by the DVSA. If you are In any doubt, contact the DVSA before booking your course.

7. All pupils are expected to maintain good behaviour and satisfactory manners. Good behaviour and manners should be exhibited at all times during your course. Any abusive behaviour, physical damage or unseemly conduct to your instructor or any representative of L TEAM will not be tolerated, and may lead to immediate cancellation of your course without refund. In addition, the responsible pupil must pay for any damage or shortfalls.

8. The tuition vehicle must be treated with care and respect. Any wilful or malicious damage must be paid for by the pupil responsible.

9. Any waiting time will be treated as constituting driving time. E.g. if waiting at a theory test centre or travel to and from the practical test centre.

10. No guarantee can be made by L TEAM as to the availability of DVSA tests on the dates requested.

11. While every effort will be made by your instructor, should the pupil fail to reach a satisfactory standard of driving, or is likely to be a danger to themselves, third parties or property, we reserve the right to refuse to present the pupil for a test. No refunds will be made.

12. L TEAM cannot, will not, be held responsible for any expenses incurred in the event of the DVSA cancelling a test. In such cases, all complaints are solely with the DVSA, and must be made to them alone.

13. L TEAM will endeavour to retain the same instructor throughout your course. However L TEAM reserve the right to change this policy in the event of ill health, holidays, breakdowns or any other unforeseen circumstances.

14. In the interests of safety, pupils must follow the instructors directions and instructions at all times. If the pupil will not, or can not, act to instructions in the interest of safety the course will become forfeit.

15. In the event of any lesson being cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, one of the 2 following conditions will apply (not both)

50% of the daily rate will be refunded.

If the customer chooses to re-book this lost time, a 50% discount will be applied. If the customer does not re-book the lost time no refund will be made.
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New drivers only

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